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The popularity of smartphones and tablet devices has exploded over the past few years and can only be expected to continue to grow as network speeds get faster and faster and mobile devices get more powerful. Smartphones are ubiquitous in the U.S. and all are capable of displaying high quality mobile video. Now tablets are positioned to be even more successful, especially for watching video. Many operators do not have the infrastructure to deliver a comprehensive mobile video offering to their customers.

Mobile Providers

SlingPlayer® software makes it simple for your organization to deliver mobile video to your customers on the most popular mobile platforms and devices. Because a smartphone is possibly the most personal consumer electronics device your customers own, delivering video content that is customized to their viewing habits and personalized for their likes and dislikes is essential. The Slingbox® or a cable/satellite set top box with Sling technology embedded is simply the best way to deliver high quality, personalized video content to customers on their smartphones and tablets.

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To provide a TV Anywhere service that delivers everything your customers want, partner with us. We are 100% focused on placeshifting, allowing you to deliver elegant solutions that work for you, your business, and your customers.

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