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Sling Technology Solutions

In 2005, Sling Media® introduced the Slingbox® and created a new category of technology called "placeshifting", to deliver the full TV living room experience anywhere on any display using an Internet connection. For Sling Media, "Watch Your TV Anywhere" is more than a tag line. Real placeshifting is not just an authentication scheme or a collection of clips and episodes on a web site. And many might want to proclaim "over the top video" as being the future of the TV industry, but we feel that's just one piece of the puzzle. Consumers want more from their cable or satellite subscription. They expect to be able to watch their favorite shows, sports teams, local news and more on their favorite displays: PCs or Macs, tablets and smartphones. No one else delivers the complete living room TV experience across the most popular displays than Sling Media with Slingbox technology.

Sling Technology means "Placeshifting Inside"

To solve the puzzle, we've developed a whole suite of technologies—hardware, software, mobile, web, and set-top boxes that serve as the foundation for the delivery of video across any display, anywhere. These technologies can be licensed by pay TV operators and hardware manufacturers to bring real the real TV Anywhere to customers now.

Three Screens
Integrated experience on all screens

Only devices with embedded Sling technology can bring the same consistent, reliable, and high quality living room TV viewing experience to all your customers' favorite displays— any PC or Mac, smartphones and tablets, and connected TVs. Around the home or around the world.


Your customer can watch and control all the live or recorded content from their cable/satellite service in the normal lineup they're used to watching. Live shows, recorded content, VOD—everything. They can watch, change channels, and set recordings just like at home, with a virtual remote that looks and acts like the one stuck in their sofa cushions. It's powerful because it is actually their TV. And it locks them into your brand. And it's delivered in sparkling HD quality, up to 1080p.


The popularity of smartphones and tablet devices has exploded and can only be expected to continue to grow as network speeds get faster and faster and mobile devices get more powerful. Smartphones are ubiquitous in the U.S. and are capable of displaying high quality mobile video. Now tablets are positioned to be even more successful in the market, especially for watching video. Many operators do not have the infrastructure to deliver a comprehensive mobile video offering to their customers.

Keep Your Customers
Keep your customers

Placeshifting as a service is a key differentiator that adds real value for your customers and leverages the broadband service you already offer. Your triple play just got stronger as Sling technology maintains and increases customer ARPU.


Viewed content is already tied to secure and authenticated set-top box. Your customers can enjoy the content they have paid for—anywhere.

A powerful online guide

SlingGuide™ Enterprise enhances the way your customers browse, search, and discover their programming. They can search for shows by title, genre, network, keyword, or actor, and watch movie trailers. This makes it easy for them to find what they want to watch more quickly, or discover new content.

Cost Effective
Cost effective

Why wait years for an expensive IP head end that will only solve a few pieces of the puzzle, when Sling technology is available now and can scale with your needs?

Partner with us

To provide a TV Anywhere service that delivers on everything your customers want, partner with us. We are 100% focused on placeshifting, allowing you to deliver elegant solutions that work for you, your business, and your customers. Find out how easily you can deliver a Sling technology solution today.