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How Placeshifting Works

A Slingbox® connects to a video source, such as a set-top box, DVR, Blu-ray player, or security camera, and to a home network router. The Slingbox receives the video signal from the source, transcodes it into MPEG4, and transmits it over the network and out over the Internet. Or a set-top box, DVR, or other IP-enabled device embedded with Sling technology can eliminate the need for a separate piece of hardware (the Slingbox) and simplify installation.

Watch Your TV Anywhere

SlingPlayer Consumers use the web-based SlingPlayer® software or install the SlingPlayer client software on the mobile device from which they want to remotely access their content. The SlingPlayer works in conjunction with streaming technology to receive the video signal.

With a Slingbox and SlingPlayer software, users can view their live and recorded video content, as well as control the video source, from wherever they are. They can change channels, pause, fast-forward or rewind, and set up DVR recordings with an on-screen virtual remote control. Now they never need to miss their favorite programs again, regardless of where they are.