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Why Consumers are Embracing Placeshifting


Consumers who spend a great deal of time away from home can use placeshifting technology to access their existing paid-for content delivery services while sitting at work, in a café, or in a hotel room on the other side of the globe. They can also placeshift within their homes to catch a movie from the living room in the kitchen, patio or the sacred man cave. Placeshifting technology eliminates the need for a second cable or satellite TV subscription in a second home, enabling snowbirds to keep up with what’s going on back home.


Family Using Slingbox With placeshifting technology, consumers can access and control their home cable/satellite programming and other AV devices so they can view premium or personal content anytime, anywhere. And they can do so on any one of their most favorite screens: TVs, laptops, tablets or smartphones—whichever is more convenient for the time and place. Devices that can receive placeshifted content include:

  • Computer – typically a laptop or a ultrabook, but it could also be a desktop computer at home or in the office.
  • Handheld device – a smartphone or tablet.
  • TV – a TV in another room of the home (or in another home) –sparing the expense of additional subscriptions.
Ease of Use

Placeshifting software ensures a familiar and consistent user interface and means of navigation across all screens. Placeshifting spares the user from a hodgepodge of apps, interfaces and channel lineups from a range of mobile and Internet content providers.


With placeshifting, users can manage their DVR anytime, anywhere, giving them greater control over their content.


Freed from the constraints of watching their television programming from the confines of the living room, consumers never have to miss a show or game again, regardless of their location.